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German Medical Group (GMG) is a cooperative arrangement of the top European medical facilities, guided with the noble goal of navigating the international patients to the top specialists.

Over the last 17 years we have been assisting the patients from all over the world in getting access to the exclusive health care services in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our efforts aim at closing the gap between those who need help and those who can help and offers support. Your safety and wellness during the treatment or rehabilitation in Europe are critically important to us and we do our best to guarantee the highest level of treatment in Germany.

Guiding principles

Our highest concern is to remind the global community that there can be no boundaries when it comes to health, recovery and treatment. We want you to benefit from our valuable contacts with the world-class European physicians. Our close-knit multicultural team of medical consultants provides only the reliable “first-hand” information and is always willing to listen to. Excellent reputation and many years of experience are those key factors, which contribute to our efficient work as a leading medical provider in Europe. Through our connectedness to the leading specialists in Europe we change the landscape of the modern medical world, scrapping all kinds of barriers and providing better access to excellent clinical support at fair price.

How to come to Germany for treatment? GMG is a TOP-Provider for treatment in Germany

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Why to come to Germany?

The reason why millions of patients, including those from the USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia and Great Britain trust German medicine and choose medical tourism and treatment in Germany is short to formulate– HIGH QUALITY. Much stands behind these two words:

Why to contact us?

No “intermediaries” involved in payment for treatment

Extended experience in cooperation with clinics

Personal consultation with our experts

Primary medical consultation

Visa support, transfers, translators

Why is it worth thinking of treatment in Germany?

You will be amazed by the difference of the healthcare in your country and in Germany! The interdisciplinary and holistic approaches as well as the state-of-the-art technologies contribute to higher success rates and lower risks during treatment and rehabilitation after surgery.

Treatment in Germany implies strong scientific base, well equipped clinics, highly qualified doctors, friendly nursing staff, and most importantly – enough time and attention to you and your medical issues. Treatment in compliance with the strict medical standards streamlines the recovery process and helps to achieve better therapeutic results in a most cost-effective way. The GMG company offers you as the experienced medical provider the whole service package for the treatment at german clinics, considering your individual treatment needs and concerns.

We want to contribute to your health!

The aim of our company is to provide information about high-quality medical care in Germany for patients from other countries. Our structure in the system of medical providing for foreign patients in Germany features all the informations about state and private clinics in whole Germany, also about multidisciplinary university hospitals as well as municipal health centers of Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We also comprehensively consult the international patients about all the opportunities of treatment abroad, help to get the “second opinion”, translate the medical documentation and negotiate between you and the appropriate specialist. Through exercising a personal and dialogical approach, we always match your individual case to the physician with the most extensive experience and all the necessary qualifications in the field you need. Apply for treatment in Germany or other European country now, and we will accompany you on the way to health. Do not hesitate and call us for more information about modern treatment options!